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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cooking Adventure: Making Chibi Giga Pudding

I'm a little behind the times meme-wise. I guess it just shows my age. Oh, youth... *sniff sniff* Haha, I'm not that old, but sometimes I have to ask my bro to explain his jokes. Kinda sad, I know... but I'll always be a kid-at-heart! (b^_^)b

Today's post is about my attempt at making my own Giga Pudding. For those of you who don't know, Giga Pudding is a GINORMOUS Japanese flan pudding kit. Its video advertisement went viral after it was posted on 4chan. (Warning: Viewer beware! The video is rather annoying. @_@)
To make my own chibi (mini) version of Giga Pudding, I had to find the proper container. I didn't have any giant food-safe buckets lying around, but I knew the Half & Half boba shop in Alhambra served boba in giant 20 oz cups - the size of which couldn't possibly fit into your car cup holder! I thought that would be perfect! I used Royal brand flan mix (which is my favorite flan mix so far) and here's what I created...
Chibi Giga Pudding
Until the next adventure, guys... ;]


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