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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yogurtland x Hello Kitty 2012 Collaboration

*Fangirl Squeal!* Hello Kitty is back at Yogurtland!! (You can read about last year's collaboration here.)
Yogurtland x Hello Kitty Sign 2012
This year, Yogurtland brought back the limited edition spoons and cups concept.
Yogurtland x Hello Kitty Hollywood Cups 2012
Yogurtland x Hello Kitty Limited Edition Spoons 2012
Yogurtland x Hello Kitty - Hollywood Cup with Hello Kitty Spoon 2012
What's different about this year is that they're releasing a different spoon and cup every 2 weeks. (Last year, they had the same cup throughout the entire promotion and released 2 different spoons every few weeks.)
Yogurtand x Hello Kitty Cup and Spoon Schedule 2012
Each cup will feature a different tourist destination, which goes along with the "Summer Vacation" theme.

According to the sign, the schedule will be:
~Hello Kitty x Hollywood: July 10th
~TuxedoSam x Miami: July 24th
~Little Twin Stars x San Francisco: August 7th
~Badtz-Maru x Honolulu: August 24th

Here are each character's favorite Yogurtland combinations!
Hello Kitty's Favorite Yogurtland Combination 2012
Hello Kitty loves Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet topped with Strawberries.
TuxedoSam's Favorite Yogurtland Combination 2012
TuxedoSam loves Frosty Vanilla topped with Snow Caps. (How cute!)
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