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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Lego Movie Experience @ Legoland California

CAUTION: This post is picture heavy! :)

Adventurers, who saw The Lego Movie and LOVED it!? Did you know that you could see the actual movie sets at Legoland California? It's all in "The Lego Movie Experience" and yes, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!
The Lego Movie Experience
I was lucky enough to go to Legoland over spring break with my family and one of the first things we went to see was "The Lego Movie Experience."
Welcome to Finn's Basement!
The sets were so elaborate and truly amazing.
The Lego Movie - City
They even had a character wall.
The Lego Movie - Characters
Check out Middle Zealand!
The Lego Movie - Middle Zealand Set
And MetalBeard's Sea Cow ship...
The Lego Movie - MetalBeard's Sea Cow Ship
My favorite piece had to be the Double Decker Couch! "Just... the worst." :P
The Lego Movie - Double Decker Couch
The Old West...
The Lego Movie - Old West Set
and Emmet's Flying Machine.
The Lego Movie - Emmet's Flying Machine
You can't forget Benny's spaceship.
The Lego Movie - Benny's Spaceship
Or the Millennium Falcon.
The Lego Movie - Millennium Falcon
President Business's Octan Tower...
The Lego Movie - President Business's Octan Tower
Along with the Kragle! *gasps!*
The Lego Movie - The Kragle
The entire city was in a state of rebellion.
The Lego Movie - City Set (Backside)
Lord Business can be spotted chasing Emmet, Wyldstyle (aka Lucy), and Unikitty!
The Lego Movie - Lord Business chasing Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Unikitty
Off in the distance, you can see a horse riding a horse.
The Lego Movie - Horse Riding A Horse
While Vitruvius prevents the Micro Managers from passing (a la Gandalf).
The Lego Movie - Vitruvius
Here's the construction site set...
The Lego Movie - Construction Site Set
They also had Finn's actual basement! Notice the Portal in the background!
The Lego Movie - Basement
Here's the laundry room...
The Lego Movie - Laundry Room
And the set of stairs.
The Lego Movie - Stairs
Along with the Master Builder's desk.
The Lego Movie - Master Builder's Desk
It turns out this entire collection was donated by Warner Bros. Studios so these are the only legos not owned by Legoland. Since Warner Bros. contacted Legoland California specifically, this display will only be available at this location and will not be touring in other Legolands worldwide. So come check it out if you're interested in seeing it in person!
The Lego Movie - Mini Figure Blind Bag ($3.49)
Just as a sidenote, Legoland sells lego sets from The Lego Movie, but we only saw Bad Cop/Good Cop (with a rotating face!) as a keychain. If you're looking for mini figures, they sell mystery blind bags at any store in the park. Our first blind bag ended with Wiley Fusebot, which we promptly traded with one of the workers for President Business. It's cool that Legoland workers have lanyards of lego figures that they can trade like how Disney workers trade pins. Our second blind bag had Emmet so we now posses the main protagonist and antagonist!
The Lego Movie - President Business and Emmet Mini Figures
The cool thing is that both these mini figures have rotating faces so President Business can be displeased or angry, while Emmet can be happy and really happy.

Overall, a very awesome experience! I'd recommend checking it out if you loved the movie. I'll let you know about the rest of my Legoland adventure in a future post!


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