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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Catch Pokemon on Google Maps on April Fools' Day!

One of my favorite things about April Fools' Day is seeing what fun pranks Google comes up with. Guess what, Adventurers! You can now catch Pokemon on Google Maps! No joke!
Google - Pokemon Challenge
There's 150 different Pokemon (both new and original) distributed around the world. After you update Google Maps on your Android or iPhone, click "Search" and then you can embark on your quest to be a Pokemon Master! How cool!
Pikachu was caught!
Now if only we could pokebattle too!

UPDATE: I finally caught all 150 Pokemon!
Complete Pokedex with 150/150
After you collect all 150, you unlock Mew! It appears that Mew is found in different locations for different people, but for me, he was at 0.23899, -50.411 (NE Brazil). It took me forever to find him!
A wild Mew appears! (Finally!)
Mew was caught!
Once you catch Mew, your Pokedex updates to show it is complete.

Pokedex complete with Mew!
Now that was a long quest... Did any of you complete it? Where was Mew for you?


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