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Welcome to Culinary Adventures and More!

I'm Chrissy - adventurer, blogger, and kid-at-heart. In this blog, I'll be sharing my adventures and misadventures in cooking, baking, traveling, and more! I've loved traveling and food all my life but started this blog in September 2010 to document my journey.

Many of the foods I try to make come right out of anime, video games, books, TV shows, and movies. If it looks and sounds delicious, I want to cook it and eat it! No one said fictional food couldn't be real food, right? Of course, other desserts, treats, and eats will be thrown in the mix too.

As for travel, I've been all over the United States and Canada and would love to travel abroad. Still, adventures can be had in your own backyard so you'll occasionally read about my adventures in SoCal, where I live.

So join me, fellow Adventurer, on my journey in the kitchen and out in the great world beyond! If you wish to contact me, please send me an email.
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