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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Anime Food Re-creation: Naruto Onigiri (or Riceball)

Hey all! I have another Anime Food Re-creation for you! Today is the Naruto onigiri (or riceball) that Hinata makes for Naruto!
Naruto Onigiri (Riceball)
After seeing this onigiri, I knew I had to try to make it! It's so kawaii~ ^.^

Here's my re-creation!
Real Life Anime Food: Naruto Onigiri (Riceball)
These are the ingredients I used:
-Hair: pickled daikon
-Headband: nori and naruto (swirled fishcake)
-Eyes and whiskers: nori
-Cheeks: sakura denbu
-Ears and smile: Japanese sausage

If you want to learn how to make regular onigiri, you can check out my How to Make Onigiri post. The Naruto onigiri is essentially a regular riceball just with some decorative enhancements. The hair was the most difficult part since the pickles were moist and didn't want to stick on the rice. But overall, I think I came really close on this one! What do you think? :)


夢子様 said...


Chrissy said...

Arigato! :)

Jenny said...

I love this so much. Makes me hungry, it's so kawaii!

Cutenekko said...

I like your blog very much and your anime food posts are really great. ^_^

Did you know there is a cookbook of recipes from "One Piece" that was published in Japan? This information was passed on to me by someone in Tokyo. Here's the COOKBOOK

Will you order it and try some of the recipes?
Happy cooking!

Chrissy said...

@Jenny: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this post. :)

@Cutenekko: Thank you! Thanks for the head's up about the "One Piece" Cookbook! That sounds so cool! Unfortunately, I don't know how to read Japanese, but if they ever make an English version, I would love to check it out. :D

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