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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Anime Food Re-creation: Bakuman's Takoyaki

Hey Adventurers! It's been awhile since I've done an Anime Food Re-creation so I have a simple one for you - takoyaki from Bakuman!  
Bakuman - Takoyaki
Takoyaki are little savory balls stuffed with small chunks of octopus (or tako) and are commonly eaten at Japanese festivals. In Bakuman, Miyoshi bought a box of takoyaki at a school festival. Takoyaki are made is a special pan with wells that you fill with batter, green onion, beni shoga (red pickled ginger), and octopus. Toppings normally include takoyaki sauce (similar to okonomiyaki sauce, tonkatsu sauce, or Bull Dog sauce), mayo, bonito (dried fish) shavings, and/or aonori (dried seaweed powder).
Real Life Anime Food: Bakuman - Takoyaki
I, unfortunately, do not have a takoyaki pan so I took the easy route to recreate this dish. Many Japanese supermarkets sell frozen takoyaki balls so I bought a bag of that along with Bull Dog sauce and bonito shavings. The clear plastic container and dried bamboo sheet were bought at a local Daiso (a Japanese $1.50 store). I arranged everything like in the anime and - voila! - takoyaki from Bakuman. Pretty simple, right? If I ever get my hands on a takoyaki pan, I'll try making them from scratch,  but for now, frozen takoyaki will have to do.

I hope you guys enjoyed this adventure! Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for future Anime Food Re-creations!


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