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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Anime Food Re-creation: Yumeiro Patissiere's Strawberry Mille Crepe

Food in anime and manga always looks so tasty! One anime I got really into was Yumeiro Patissiere, which was about a girl named Ichigo who goes to a pasty school and dreams of becoming a pastry chef like her grandmother. One of the first items she makes successfully is Mille Crepe, which is cake made of layers of crepe with cream inbetween. In her own twist on it, she creates a Strawberry Mille Crepe, which has additional layers of sliced strawberries.
Yumeiro Patissiere's Strawberry Mille Crepe
I found a recipe for Mille Crepe on the New York Times website that's based off the famous Mille Crepes cake from Lady M Cake Boutique in New York. The only modification I made was the addition of sliced strawberries in every other layer.
Real Life Anime Food: Strawberry Mille Crepe
Check out my re-creation! I wasn't able to get perfectly even layers like Ichigo's, but it was a really yummy cake. I found that without the strawberries, the crepes and cream were a bit too rich so the strawberries helped to balance everything out. Crepes are also not as difficult to make as I thought they'd be.


Unknown said...

Woah it looks so good!!! :) I really enjoy Yumeiro Patissiere so seeing Ichigo's first creation become reality is awesome!!!


Chrissy said...

Hi Emily!

Thanks for your kind words! ^^ I love Yumeiro Patissiere too! Hopefully, I can get around to making more of their yummy treats! :D


Emily Clay said...

When I first saw her make the crepe and pudding I've been wanting to make everything she makes! lol within reason :3 looks so yummy I want to try it!

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