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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats - Hello Kitty, Totoro, Domo-kun & Teddy Bear

Armed with a little less than half a jar of peanut butter, marshmallows, and some Rice Krispies cereal on the verge of going stale, I decided to cook up some peanut butter rice krispie treats. I didn't want to make just any old, regular rice krispie treats though. I wanted to have some fun with it! Since I hadn't made these crispy morsels since elementary school, I thought I'd channel my inner child and make some of my favorite characters.
Hello Kitty Rice Krispie Treats
HELLO KITTY: A little while back, I made a tutorial on how to make triangular onigiri without the use of a mold. However, I do actually have a few onigiri molds in my arsenal. I just usually don't use them because I find they don't compress the rice very well or the rice sticks to them or the onigiri don't hold the shape well. In any case, I decided to bust out my Hello Kitty onigiri mold and try forming some rice krispie treats. As you can see, they held their shape and surprisingly, didn't stick to the mold at all! Because of the peanut butter, she looks a little tanned, doesn't she? (Haha, entirely suitable for summer. :P ) I created the face with melted chocolate, the nose was half a lemon Skittle, and the bow was a combination of Wilton's red decorating icing and some red sanding sugar. (FYI: I didn't like the taste of the lemon Skittle with the peanut butter so I'd suggest eating it separately or just picking it off before consuming. A yellow M&M might've been a better choice, but I didn't have any at home.)
Totoro Rice Krispie Treats
MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO: I got the idea to make Totoro Rice Krispie treats from the amazing blog Tiny Urban Kitchen, who has a tutorial on how to make these little guys. I know the eyes are supposed to be on the colored portion of Totoro and his little blue friends, but the white chocolate chips just wouldn't stick in that area. Oh well... you get the idea. Plus, they're still cute and tasty regardless. :)
Domo-kun Rice Krispiie Treats
DOMO-KUN: To make Domo-kun, I simply made rectangular rice krispie treats and covered them with melted chocolate. Once the chocolate hardened, I piped on red rectangles of decorating icing and let that dry for a bit. Afterward, I piped on some white decorating icing for the teeth. You can use a toothpick to make the teeth sharp, but I didn't feel like it. For the eyes, you can use dark chocolate chips or black decorating icing.
Hello Kitty's Teddy Bear Rice Krispie Treat
HELLO KITTY'S TEDDY BEAR: My Hello Kitty onigiri mold came with a mold of her teddy bear friend. (Does anyone actually know his name?) I used the bear mold in the same way I used the Hello Kitty mold and just decorated his face with melted chocolate.

So there you have it! The outcome of my peanut butter rice krispie treats adventure. It was both delectable and adorable! :D


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