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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An Adventure to the Get Shaved Truck

Get Shaved Truck
Aloha, everyone! I've had my eye on the Get Shaved truck since coming back from my trip to Hawaii almost a year ago! While on the North Shore, I had some of the best Hawaiian shave ice from Matsumoto Shave Ice so I was eager to find something comparable back on the mainland.

What sets Hawaiian shave ice apart for a typical snow cone is Hawaiian shave ice's powdery snow-like texture. The addition of ice cream and azuki beans (sweetened red beans) makes it almost magical - truly one of the best ways to cool down on a hot summer day!

The other day, while running some errands, I saw the Get Shaved truck parked along the side of the road and quickly pulled over. I remembered scrolling through the menu online and thinking, "Hm... the PassioNut combo sounds pretty good," so that's what I ordered.
Medium PassioNut Shave Ice
This is the Medium size with Macadamia Nut ice cream. The PassioNut came with Lilikoi (passionfruit), Coconut, and Melona (Korean honeydew creamsicle) flavored syrups. I like sweets as much as the next person, but I found that the syrups were way too sweet for my taste. The Melona-flavored syrup also had an artificial-ness to it and didn't mimic the actual creamsicle flavor at all, which was disappointing because I really like Melonas. (They're found in many Asian, particularly Korean, supermarkets if you want to give them a try.) The Macadamia Nut ice cream was delicious though. The creaminess somehow helped mellow out the sweetness.
Li Hing Mui Powder
You have the option of adding the Li Hing Mui powder, which is this slightly sweet, sour plum powder. I got it on the side and tried a small bite with the powder in the car, but forgot to add it when I got home. I thought it was an interesting mix with the sourness helping to balance out the sweetness, but it's definitely an acquired taste.
Get Shaved Truck
Even though PassioNut wasn't my ideal mix, I wanted to try one of the Get Shaved truck's original shave ices before creating a custom mix. Next time I catch the Get Shave truck though, I'm going to try the combo of flavors I fell in love with at Matsumoto Shave Ice - Lilikoi, Guava, and Mango flavored syrups with ice cream and azuki beans. I can't wait to see if I can really get a taste of the islands closer to home!


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