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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anime Food Re-creation: Mei's Bento from My Neighbor Totoro

Some time last year, I went through a slight Miyazaki/Ghibli movie marathon and when I was going through Anna the Red's blog, I saw that she had actually recreated some of the Ghibli food from the movies! I really admire Anna the Red's bento (and non-bento) work. It is AMAZING to say the least! Definitely go check her out!
Mei's Bento from My Neighbor Totoro
This is the bento that Satsuki (Mei's older sister) makes for Mei in the anime movie My Neighbor Totoro. After seeing Anna the Red's tutorial for Mei's bento, I was inspired to recreate my own.

Real Life Anime Food: Mei's Bento from My Neighbor Totoro
To make this, I used white rice and umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum). The pink powder is sakura denbu (a sweetened fish powder) sitting next to a pile of green peas. The only difference between my re-creation and the real deal was that I used teriyaki smelt from Nijiya instead of the fish in the movie because it was what I had on hand. Hope you guys enjoy it!


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