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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Snack Attack: Exotic Pocky Flavors (Part 1)

Pocky is a common treat eaten in manga and anime. It's basically a cookie-like stick covered in a sweet-flavored outer coating. Most of us are familiar with the chocolate and strawberry varieties*, but did you know Pocky comes in a bazillion other flavors!?

Over the years, I've had the privilege to try some of these more exotic flavors. Almost all of these were bought from local Asian supermarkets like Mitsuwa and Marukai, which seem to rotate flavors and have something new every time I visit. I have no idea if Glico (the makers of Pocky) still even make the flavors I'm showing you guys since I purchased them awhile ago, but I thought it'd be fun to blog about them anyway.

Pocky - Mix Berry
Mix Berry Pocky tastes exactly like it sounds. It had a sweet berry flavor and fragrant berry scent. I particularly liked how they were packaged.
Mix Berry Pocky Sticks
Pocky - Blueberry
The box of Blueberry Pocky claims to have 8% "Blueberry Flake." A bit of researching revealed that "tsubu tsubu" is the sound effect for grinding so there's supposed to be real blueberry bits in this Pocky.
Blueberry Pocky Sticks
These Pocky had a pleasant blueberry aroma and flavor. It reminded me of blueberry-flavored breakfast cereal. As you can see from the picture, there appears to be actual bits of blueberry attached to each stick.

Pocky - Pumpkin
Pumpkin Pocky appeared some time in the Fall when pumpkin-flavored snacks were popular.
Pumpkin Pocky Packet
The packaging was adorable!
Pumpkin Pocky Sticks
But honestly, I wasn't a fan of this flavor. It had a strange sweetness and I couldn't detect any pumpkin flavor. However, there was this vague "pastiness" that you would get from real pumpkin. How weird that it had the texture of pumpkin but not the flavor!

There's a few more flavors I'll be blogging about so stayed tuned!
(Update 8/8/13: To read Part 2, please click HERE.)

(*As a sidenote, if you haven't tried Pocky, you can find the chocolate and strawberry versions in your local Walmart in the Asian foods aisle! These delicious gems are no longer limited to Asian supermarkets. :])

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me with my own money. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.


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