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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Breaking Bad - Blue Sky "Meth" Rock Candy

My friends are HUGE fans of Breaking Bad. Although the show ended not too long ago, I wanted to cook  a special treat for my friends for Christmas - Blue Sky! No, not that Blue Sky! The rock candy version of Walter White's ultra pure meth!
Breaking Bad - Blue Sky Meth
While scouring the internet, I came across this Blue Sky recipe from For my flavoring, I used clear peppermint extract and for the color, I used Wilton's Sky Blue gel food coloring. (How fitting, I know!) I just used a toothpick, dipped it into the jar, loaded it with food coloring, and then dipped the toothpick into the molten lava candy when instructed to add the drop of blue coloring. (Seriously, liquid candy is HOT. Don't touch it!)
Breaking Bad - Blue Sky Candy (Shattered)
Just be warned that the candy initially smells like toothpaste after adding the peppermint oil extract, but it slowly fades with time. If I had more options, I'd probably choose a blue raspberry flavor.
Breaking Bad - Blue Sky Candy (Packaged)
For added fun, I packaged the candy is little plastic baggies. You know, to discreetly slip them into my friends' hands without causing any suspicion...

My friends really got a kick out of getting these for Christmas (along with some other typical Christmas treats like candy canes and dark chocolate peppermint bark). The only downer was that my rock candy would turn a tad sticky once you put it into your mouth. I made sure to cook it until 290 degrees Fahrenheit, but my candy thermometer must have been off. I'll have to calibrate it before the next time I cook up a new batch. Other than that though, my Blue Sky "Meth" Rock Candy was 99.1% PURE AWESOME!


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