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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anime Food Re-creation: Mirrai Nikki's Crab Legs

In Episode 13 of Mirai Nikki, Yuki's friends (Aru, Hinata, Mao, and Kousaka) head off to a resort town in search of Yuki and Yuno, whom they suspect kidnapped Yuki. The particular hotel Aru and company stayed at included all-you-can-eat crab legs. Of course, Kousaka had to get as much as he could - much to his friends' embarrassment!
Mirai Nikki - Crab Legs
Getting this much crab at a buffet in real life can be quite embarrassing. People stare at you as if you're one of those people - the ones that hog all the expensive items so that no one else can get it...

Real Life Anime Food: Mirai Nikki Crab Legs
Fortunately, the buffet my cousins and I visited had ample crab legs and I got the plates at separate times so it didn't look like I was a complete glutton (except maybe to the neighboring tables). I couldn't bring myself to load up the plates entirely since I didn't want to eat that much crab and I knew my cousin T doesn't even like crab, but the gist is there - big platefuls of crab legs! :)

As a side note, I bought those silver crab leg forks from Daiso and brought them with me to the buffet. They're really helpful and made eating all the crab legs a lot easier.


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