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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Anime Food Re-creation: K-ON! Nodoka's Sandwiches (+ LIFE UPDATE)

Hello Adventurers! First off, apologies for my radio silence! Basically, this entire summer, I have not had access to my laptop. First, the fan stopped spinning and then my adapter died and it's been a whole fiasco getting the parts replaced. (UGH, I seriously have the worst luck with technology. -.-)

With that being said, I have some good news and some bad news.

Let's start with the good news! I have another anime food re-creation! (And there's more where that came from, but please read by Life Update below.)
K-ON! - Nodoka's Sandwiches
Today, I present the sandwiches from K-ON! that Nodoka brought to Yui's study cram session.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Going on Hiatus!

Hey, Adventurers! Just wanted to let you know that I'll be going on hiatus for the next few weeks. The quarter is winding down, which means I have a ton of deadlines for papers, projects, presentations, and finals.
I hope you all understand! Don't worry though! More anime food re-creations, fictional foods, baking fun and other adventures are in the works! And don't forget that you can submit Requests too! I'm keeping a log of them and will be working on them once the quarter ends. I promise!

Wish me luck and I'll see you in the next adventure! :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Percy Jackson's Favorite BLUE Chocolate Chip Cookies

Greetings, Adventurers! Today's fictional food comes from the world of Percy Jackson! One of Percy's all-time favorite foods is his mom's homemade blue chocolate chip cookies. When Percy tastes nectar (the drink of the gods) for the first time, he is shocked to find it tastes just like these cookies:
"It was chocolate-chip cookies. Liquid cookies. And not just any cookies - my mom's homemade blue chocolate-chip cookies, buttery and hot, with the chips still melting. Drinking it, my whole body felt warm and good, full of energy. My grief didn't go away, but I felt as if my mom had just brushed her hand against my cheek, given me a cookie the way she used to when I was small, and told me everything was going to be okay."
~The Lightning Thief
Percy Jackson - Blue Chocolate Chip Cookies

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Book of Mormon and Adventures in Hollywood

Hey, Adventurers! With The Book of Mormon leaving LA this weekend, I thought it'd be fitting to blog about my adventure watching this hilarious musical and exploring Hollywood.
Pantages Theater

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Snack Attack: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Chocolates

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Chocolates
Around the time The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie came out in theaters (I know, this was awhile ago! >.<), I stumbled across a display of chocolates inspired by the 12 districts of Panem at my campus bookstore.
Chocolate Display
It was a little strange that The Hunger Games collaborated with a luxury chocolatier brand because most of the characters live in starvation, but it wasn't the first time the franchise created a promo around food. (*cough* Subway *cough*) These chocolates were made by Wild Ophelia, a company known for making some unconventional chocolate flavors. The display only had chocolates from 6 of the districts, while the other 6 flavors were released around the time Catching Fire came out on DVD and Blu-ray. After looking over all the flavors, I decided to try the chocolates from District 7 and District 10.
Nutrition Information and Description
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Chocolate Bar
 DISTRICT 7 LUMBER: Smoked Chipotle Chili and Milk Chocolate
Flavor Profile (from the back of the package): "Ripe jalapenos become a chipotle chili through the process of smoking in an enclosed oven, infusing the peppers with the hearty, earthy flavor of the lumber. The wood-fired taste radiates from the chili pepper and each bite of this deep milk chocolate bar leaves a warm, zinging sensation on the tip of your tongue." 
District 7 Lumber: Smoked Chipotle Chili and Milk Chocolate
I really enjoyed this chocolate bar, but I'm partial to chili in my chocolate. When you first bite into it, you taste the sweet, creamy 41% Cacao Milk Chocolate, then get tiny bursts of saltiness accompanied with a very slight crunch (due to the alder smoked salt). I don't know about getting a "zinging sensation on the tip of your tongue" but I definitely felt the heat at the back of my throat. It slowly builds to a powerful kick. Out of the two bars, this one was my favorite by far.

DISTRICT 10 LIVESTOCK: Beef Jerky & Smoked Mesquite and Milk Chocolate
Flavor Profile (from the back of the package): "Our beef jerky comes from cattle treated humanely and raised in lush, green pastures. Natural, smoked fruit woods and peppered spices linger in each bite. The salty, smoky mesquite flavor of our jerky matches our rich milk chocolate perfectly - an idyllic combination."
District 10 Livestock: Beef Jerky & Smoked Mesquite and Milk Chocolate
Now I mainly bought this one out of curiosity. I mean - how many chocolate bars have you ever seen with beef jerky?? It sounded like such a weird combination and I can say for a fact that it is very weird. When you first open the package, you immediately smell something off - kind of like smoke. When you take a bite, you're hit with that smokiness along with a smell of - what else but - beef jerky. This chocolate bar was made with the same 41% Cacao Milk Chocolate as the District 7 bar so you get the same sweet, creamy flavor. There's also crunchy little bits of salt in this bar too, but this time, it's from sea salt. When the chocolate has fully melted away in your mouth, you're left with teeny tiny bits of jerky to chew on. Really odd! If you look really closely at the lower left corner of the picture above, you can see a tiny piece of the beef jerky. I can't say I enjoyed this bar and I definitely would not buy this again, but it was certainly an adventure for the taste buds - albeit an unpleasant one!

Did any of you, Adventurers, come across these chocolate bars? Let me know about your experience in the comments below.
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